Tetsuya is an adorably puppy form the anime Kuroko no Basket.

I’ve the request to make him as a cosplay accessory.

I’ve made the body with faux fur, and in the muzzle and other parts I’ve shaved it. I still have to get better on using faux fur, because it’s a material that it’s hard to work with it.

The shirt it’s made with different fabrics I’ve already had at home (I have a closet full of fabric remnant accumulated in the years), whit embroidery details designed by me.

I have to use some airspray on the head to comb it’s tufts, and it’s a thing that always makes me laugh.

Don’t mind if you see some fur on the shirt. If you have animals at home you know how is hard to get rid of them, and this happen -and it’s worse too– whit shaved faux fur! You will find everywhere, even if you are going to use a vacuum cleaner everywhere!