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Do you take commissions?

Yes I do, but only when they are open. I will write about it in my different social media. I always open for plush I’ve already made in the past (not for the plush really old because I have to remake the pattern and it counts as a new commission).

How do I know when your commissions are open?

Check my social media or subscribe to my Newsletter!

What I don’t do

I won’t do Disney characters or copy an official plush. Also, I won’t make OC characters that doesn’t belong to you, except if you have the artist approval.

How do you make your patterns?

I make them from zero. I have the experience gained over the years, and I study constantly to learn new techniques. This can affect the time I use to create a new plush, but not its quality! 

Where did you ship from?

I ship from Italy! This is why sometimes shipping can take a while, depending where are you from the Customs may delay the delivery. Shipping are always tracked, and you can chose to add ensure on it.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me on my social media or at

I have an allergy to animal hair, can I buy from you?

I advise against it. I have cats at home, and my dog comes to my work office with me. He has his space and isn’t allowed to touch anything (and is a poodle and he doesn’t lose any hair).

How long does it take to make a plush?

If I have to make a new pattern, it depends on the subject, from a full day to a full month (or more for extra complicated subjects). For the plushies I’ve already made it take a few hours to a week, always depending on the complexity of it. The availability of the fabrics also affects the timing.

What’s in the newsletter?

It’s a monthly recap of what I’ve done during the month, telling you about my work, projects, adventures and misadventures 🙂you can get important news as the opening of commission.

Will you remake a plush?

It depends on the subject. What you see in the shop is what I will do without problems. If you don’t see in here the plush you want contact me on and we can talk about it!